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Kevin Willson
Kevin has been working with Bonsai for 30 years. He travels all over Europe attending events and workshops, and his speciality is working as a bonsai artist on yamadori material.

He has recently set up a new bonsai teaching facility known as the Yamadori School of Bonsai. The idea of the school is to promote the use of Yamadori materials, generally improving all aspects of Bonsai and to create a new generation of free thinking Bonsai artists.

Kevin is the star attraction at Bonsai in Wales, and he will be bringing a group of people from his School of Bonsai, who will also be working on trees, as well as a number of trees from his personal collection to display at the show.

Kevin's Demo pictures.

The following photographs are of some trees designed by Kevin.


Wesite:  www.kevinwillsonbonsai.com