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 Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson: Glynderi Bonsai

My name is Keith Wilson. As a much younger man I served as a Venture scout leader teaching mountaineering, caving and rock climbing. It was through these years I developed a love of nature, and in particular the fantastic trees that adorn our countryside. This developed into an interest in Bonsa, now a passion I have pursued for some 20 years. I am secretary of Glynderi Bonsai club. In the year 2000 I took an active part in the last Welsh interclub exhibition held at Margam park and l thought it was long overdue that we in Wales hosted another exhibition. Along with Anne Campbell and Peter Fielding two of the many friends I have made through Bonsai we decided to do something about it.

 Peter Fielding 02920 707605

Peter Fielding: Cardiff Bonsai

I have been involved in Bonsai for longer than I care to remember and over those many years my passion for Bonsai has only got greater. Anne, Keith and I have been close friends for many years, so it comes as no surprise that from time to time the subject of a Bonsai Show in Wales crops up. So now we are actively doing something about it, and that something will be to bring
We are going to put all of our passion for Bonsai into organising a Show that will be truly Memorable. We look forward to seeing you all at Tredegar House in 2012.


Anne Campbell 

Anne Campbell: Observatory Bonsai

I am secretary of Cardiff Bonsai Club, and was previously involved in the last major Welsh Bonsai Show, Bonsai 2000. I have been interested in bonsai since the late 60s, when introduced to it by my husband Al. Our trees have become a major part of our lives, and we have taken part in many shows over the years both as spectators and participating as traders. We are enthusiastic about taking part in this show, which will exhibit some of the best trees in the UK, and particularly those trees that have originated in Wales.